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AHQ INSIDER Lake Jocassee (SC) Winter Fishing Report – Updated February 19

-- February 19 Lake Jocassee is at 89.1% of full pool, and water temperatures are around 56 degrees.  Clarity remains very good. The trout bite on Lake Jocassee is really starting to improve, and Guide Sam Jones (864-280-9056) reports that along with tons of little fish they are starting to catch some really nice trout, too.  An 8-pound brown was caught off his boat recently, as well as a few 4- and 5-pound ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Jocassee (SC) Winter Fishing Report – Updated January 15

-- Please note that the most recent Lake Jocassee fishing report can be found at: January 15 Lake Jocassee is at 87.6% of full pool, and water temperatures range from about 56.5 degrees in the morning to 58 or 59 degrees in the afternoon.  Clarity remains very good. There’s not a lot of change in the trout bite on Lake Jo ...

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Lake Jocassee (SC) Fishing Report – Updated March 17

In his last fishing report Guide Rob McComas (828-674-5041) discussed how the contours of Lake Jocassee (a deep, somewhat-bowl shaped lake) and the laws of physics mean that it is slow to cool in the winter – and slow to warm in the spring.  Compared to the amount of water the lake holds, there is relatively little surface area through which heat can escape and be absorbed, especially relative to a shallowe ...

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Lake Jocassee (SC) Bass Fishing Report – Updated Feb. 23

IMPORTANT site changes coming.  Effective March 1 only customers of the Angler’s Headquarters tackle store will have access to our fishing reports.  Read more here.  On many South Carolina lakes two or three warm days is all it takes to move good numbers of bass into the shallows, and sometimes a single mild, sunny afternoon will be enough to put bait and bass on the move towards the bank – if only for a fe ...

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Lake Jocassee (SC) Fishing News and Report (Updated Jan. 19)

Largemouth bass can be caught on Lake Jocassee in January and February, but Guide Rob McComas (828-674-5041) says that he typically spends relatively little time targeting them at this time of year.  When Rob is able to target smallmouth he likes to go after them, and the winter months are the most consistent smallmouth bass season on Jocassee.  For the next month or two Rob says that he will chiefly be tar ...

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