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Lake Wateree and Wylie Catfish Report with Captain Rodger Taylor

After a crazy start to 2016 Lake Wateree water levels have finally normalized, and instead of current ripping through the lake like it was a few weeks ago Wateree is actually pretty still right now.  At last reading levels are down to 95.1% of full pool.  Perhaps as a result of this, on his most recent trips to Lake Wateree Captain Rodger Taylor (803-517-7828) has found the bite in the main channel close to ...

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Lake Monticello (SC) Fishing News and Report

Readers of this site know that during the colder months the Lake World bait shop frequently repeats the mantra that to find striper on Lake Murray fishermen should follow the birds.  Tournament bass fisherman Andy Wicker of Pomaria says right now that is also good advice for catching bass on Lake Monticello, and at this time of year his primary pattern is to run around chasing birds.  Andy says that loons c ...

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Santee Cooper (SC) Fishing News and Report

In November and December the Santee Cooper lakes seemed to outdo themselves every week, at least on the catfish front, and news of 40-pound fish gave way to news of 50-pound fish which gave way to 80-pound fish.  But while January can be one of his favorite times to fish the Santee Cooper lakes, Captain Jim Glenn (843-825-4239) reports that this winter bad water conditions are making for some tough fishing ...

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Lake Hartwell (GA/SC) Fishing News and Report – Updated Jan. 19

Full pool for Lake Hartwell is 660.0 feet, and right now Lake Hartwell water levels stand at 664.15.  This actually represents a drop of about a foot in the last few days, and at their peak water levels were more than five feet above full pool.  Captain Bill Plumley (864-287-2120) points out that the problem is that there is nowhere for the water to go, as all the downstream reservoirs are also way over ful ...

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Lake Murray (SC) Fishing News and Report – Updated Jan. 8

It appears that the long autumn on Lake Murray is finally over, and veteran tournament angler Captain Doug Lown says that a couple of factors are combining to move bass out of their fall habitats and into a winter pattern.  First, water temperatures are finally dropping, and in one week official water temperatures at the dam have dropped from over 62 degrees down to approximately 57 degrees.  Subtracting a ...

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