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AHQ INSIDER Clarks Hill (GA/SC) Spring Fishing Report – Updated June 9

-- June 9 Clarks Hill water levels are at 323.61 (full pool is 330.00), and morning surface temperatures are around 83 degrees.  Water conditions are very clear. Unsurprisingly, Buckeye Lures in Augusta reports that as the summer heat sets in on Clarks Hill the bass fishing is starting to get tough.  Further complicating things is that Clarks Hill water levels have come up several feet in the last month, wh ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Russell (GA/SC) Summer Fishing Report – Updated June 9

-- June 9 Lake Russell water levels are at 474.26 (full pool is 475.00) and water temperatures are 80 degrees and slightly above. As is expected once water temperatures reach the 80s, Guide Jerry Kotal (706-988-0860) reports that the Russell bass bite has gotten a little slow.  You can still catch fish but they are getting deeper, and unlike in the winter when there is some of the best fishing of the year t ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Wateree (SC) Summer Fishing Report – Updated June 9

-- June 9 Lake Wateree is high at 97.6% of full pool, with the lower end fairly clear for Lake Wateree but the upper end stained although not muddy.  Water temperatures are around 80 degrees. The bass fishing on Lake Wateree has been pretty good recently, and a few weeks ago tournament angler Dearal Rodgers of Camden reports that the best action was flipping shallow cover.  There was also a pretty good bite ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Murray (SC) Spring Fishing Report – Updated June 6

-- June 6 Lake Murray water levels are at 357.99 (full pool is 360.00), and temperatures are in the lower 80s.  Down the lake the water is very clear with more stain as you move up towards the rivers. Lake Murray bass are getting into a summer pattern, and veteran tournament angler Captain Doug Lown reports that the bait spawns are winding down if not completed.  In early June there can still be a few threa ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Hartwell (GA/SC) Summer 2017 Fishing Report – Updated June 6

-- June 6 Lake Hartwell water levels are up to 654.06 (full pool is 660.00), and water temperatures have shot from 76 degrees to around 80 or 81 in just a few days.  Clarity is good. Striped bass action has been very good on Lake Hartwell, and Captain Bill Plumley (864-287-2120) reports that each trip his boat is catching 20-25 fish.  Fish are moving back down the rivers into the mid-lake and lower lake, an ...

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