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AHQ INSIDER Clarks Hill (GA/SC) Spring 2019 Fishing Report – Updated March 7

-- March 7 Clarks Hill water levels are up to 329.57 (full pool is 330.00) while water temperatures have dropped to the lower 50s.  There is lots of muddy water coming into the lake, but further down the lake clarity is more normal. Water levels have risen about three feet in the last few days, and at the same time water temperatures have dropped five or six degrees.  All this seems to have had the effect o ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Murray (SC) Spring 2019 Fishing Report – Updated March 7

-- March 7 Lake Murray water levels have risen fast to 356.89 (full pool is 360.00), and water temperatures are around 52-55 degrees depend on where you are on the lake.  The north side warms faster than the south.  The water is stained everywhere, but up the river is the now basketball orange. It continues to be a good year for bass fishing on Lake Murray, and last week in the CATT tournament Captain Doug ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Hartwell (GA/SC) Spring 2019 Fishing Report – Updated March 6

-- March 6 Lake Hartwell water levels are still well above full pool at 661.75 (full pool is 660.00), and water temperatures now range from the low to mid-50s.  Water clarity ranges from chocolate milk in the backs of some creeks to typically clear on the main lake. Despite some tough weather conditions catches have been fairly solid, and Guide Chip Hamilton (864-304-9011) reports that on his last trip they ...

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AHQ INSIDER Santee Cooper (SC) Spring 2019 Fishing Report – Updated March 6

-- March 6 Santee Cooper water levels are at 76.44 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and 75.13 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5).  Surface temperatures have dropped from about 60 into the low to mid-50s and the lakes are getting muddy even though Moultrie is still only slightly stained. Even though the cold front this week has pushed things back a little bit, it’s clear which way the Santee Cooper bass ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Russell (GA/SC) Fall 2018 Fishing Report – Updated February 22

-- February 22 Lake Russell water levels are right around full pool (full pool is 475.00), and water temperatures have dropped about 8 degrees to 50-53 degrees in the last week.  Despite all the rain the color is still pretty good and the main lake is very clear. Unstable weather conditions have fish dispersed, and Guide Jerry Kotal (706-988-0860) reports that as a result of temperatures getting warm then c ...

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