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AHQ INSIDER Lake Murray (SC) Spring Fishing Report – Updated March 30

-- March 30 Lake Murray water levels are at 356.95 (full pool is 360.00) and surface water temperatures in the morning range from the low to mid-60s.  The lake remains pretty clear. As on many of the lakes around the state, largemouth bass on Lake Murray remain in full-blown spawning mode.  Andy found a lot of fish spawning towards the end of February, and for a little while it looked like the spawn might w ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Murray (SC) Spring Fishing Report – Updated March 7

-- March 7 Lake Murray water levels are at 356.83 (full pool is 360.00) and “core” surface water temperatures – morning temperatures – still range from about 57 at the dam to 58 or 59 up the lake.  The lake remains atypically clear. Striped bass are grouped up in the middle part of the lake according to Captain Brad Taylor (803-331-1354), who reports that the best fish are being caught pulling free lines an ...

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Lake Murray (SC) Bass Fishing Report – Updated March 23

-- In the most recent CATT tournament Saturday on Lake Murray veteran tournament angler Captain Doug Lown reports that bass could be found spawning, which is to be expected considering that water temperatures are in the low to mid-60s.  However, Doug believes that the bulk of the fish are still pre-spawn, because even though water temperatures jumped very fast (two weeks ago temperatures were basically in t ...

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How Hampton Anderson Caught 25+ Pounds Saturday in the BFL on Murray

In the BFL tournament on Lake Murray this past Saturday many of the top anglers were fishing a shallow crankbait, but as is so often the case it turns out the winner was doing something completely different!  I caught up with the Gamecock Bass Fishing Team’s Hampton Anderson of Anderson, SC today and he was good enough to share details of how he caught his big bag, which weighed 25-3 and featured a 6-pound- ...

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Lake Murray (SC) bass fishing still hot – NLF tournament results

Who says South Carolina bass won't bite when it's freezing cold, snowing, and windy? On January 16 in the Next Level Fishing open tournament 27 teams competed, with two teams bringing in 28+ pound bags and 9 teams catching 20+ pounds.  The tournament big fish was 8.43 pounds.  It was inevitable that tough conditions yesterday would keep a lot of anglers away, but for the "gladiators" who braved the conditio ...

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