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Hilton Head (SC) Summer Fishing Report – Updated June 22

-- Information courtesy of Captain Dan “Fishin’ Coach” Utley (843-368-2126). Redfish: Fair to good.  Coach reports that fishing is day-to-day and redfish are moving a lot, but up the right small creek on days when fish are there anglers can catch a bunch of fish.  Fishing in the ICW and in the major rivers is slower.  Mud minnows and cut mullet will both catch fish. Trout: Fair.  The trout bite got tougher ...

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Beaufort (SC) Summer Fishing Report – Updated June 7

-- Redfish: Fair to good.  Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports that on the last set of tailing tides fishing was good in the short grass, but stained water conditions have made for a tough bite for anglers trying to target individual fish on low tide.  Blind fishing with cut mullet, mud minnows and live shrimp has been the best pattern lately. Trout: Fair.  Bay Street Outfitters reports that dimini ...

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AHQ INSIDER Beaufort (SC) Summer Fishing Report – Updated June 7

-- June 7 Water clarity is poor with conditions dirty/ muddy.  Shrimp in the creeks are still small but there are plenty around. On the last set of good tailing tides Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports that they had some good tailing activity on the flats, particularly until late in the tide cycle when the tides got super-high late in the day.  However, with poor clarity low tide sight-fishing has ...

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Hilton Head Island (SC) Fishing Report – Updated June 2

-- Normally a staple of inshore fishing in the Hilton Head area, Captain Dan “Fishin’ Coach” Utley (843-368-2126) reports that redfish have actually been a little scarce the past week and a half.  All the rain last weekend didn’t help, but even before that fish have been very spooky.  They have been running from the boat and have required a very stealthy approach, and even when fish don’t seem to be scared ...

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Beaufort (SC) Inshore Fishing Report – Updated May 5

-- As used to be typical for May in the Beaufort area, the big story right now involves the inshore cobia fishery.  However, while Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports that although they have seen early signs of inshore cobia, right now the story isn’t about the fish they are seeing or catching.  New regulations concerning the cobia fishery (read the full regs here) limit the number of cobia that ca ...

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