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Lake Murray (SC) bass fishing still hot – NLF tournament results

Who says South Carolina bass won't bite when it's freezing cold, snowing, and windy? On January 16 in the Next Level Fishing open tournament 27 teams competed, with two teams bringing in 28+ pound bags and 9 teams catching 20+ pounds.  The tournament big fish was 8.43 pounds.  It was inevitable that tough conditions yesterday would keep a lot of anglers away, but for the "gladiators" who braved the conditio ...

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Lake Murray (SC) Bass Fishing Update / Tournament Report

The word is getting out that the hawgs are feeding on Lake Murray!  In the Next Level Fishing tournament this past Saturday two teams weighed sacks over 28 pounds, with Reed McGinn and Andy Wicker winning first place with 28.43 pounds and second place going to Hampton Anderson and Zack Woodam with 28.31 pounds.  It’s not every day that a 28 plus pound bag isn’t good enough for the win!  And out of 27 teams ...

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Lake Murray (SC) Fishing News and Report – Updated Jan. 8

It appears that the long autumn on Lake Murray is finally over, and veteran tournament angler Captain Doug Lown says that a couple of factors are combining to move bass out of their fall habitats and into a winter pattern.  First, water temperatures are finally dropping, and in one week official water temperatures at the dam have dropped from over 62 degrees down to approximately 57 degrees.  Subtracting a ...

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Lake Murray (SC) Fishing News and Report – Updated Dec. 16

Veteran Lake Murray tournament bass angler Captain Doug Lown says that unseasonably warm water temperatures have kept fish shallower than usual so far this December, and temperatures last weekend were in the 58-59 degree range.  With several warm days surface temperatures are now pushing 61 degrees, and bottom temperatures are around 60 degrees.  As a result of all this warm weather most of the better fish ...

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Capt. Doug Lown picks the best bass baits for Lake Murray in December

On any list of successful Lake Murray tournament bass fishermen over the last 30-plus years Captain Doug Lown’s name is certain to be at or near the top.  An exhaustive listing of the particular tournaments as well as tournament trails that he and fishing partners have won during that time would take pages, but even more impressive is the fact that with all the changes that Lake Murray has undergone he is j ...

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