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AHQ INSIDER Lake Murray (SC) Spring 2018 Fishing Report – Updated February 16 Copy

-- February 16 Lake Murray water levels have steadily risen to 356.96 (full pool is 360.00).  Morning water temperatures are in the lower 50s over much of the lake, but it’s not unusual to see temperatures push into the mid-50s on warm days.  The mud at the top of the lake has mostly settled out and so even in the rivers there is 1.5-2 feet visibility.  The rest of the lake is clearer. As one would expect w ...

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AHQ INSIDER Beaufort (SC) Spring 2018 Fishing Report – Updated February 23

-- February 23 Inshore water temperatures in the Beaufort area are around 60-61 degrees.  Water clarity is still pretty good. The Beaufort redfish bite is definitely improving, but Captain Tuck Scott of Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports that there are still better and worse days.  Fish are still pretty schooled up and sight-fishing is the best way to catch them, with a variety of baits working.  ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Monticello (SC) Winter Fishing Report – Updated February 23

-- February 23 On the catfish front,  Captain William Attaway (803-924-0857) reports that fish are heading shallower and as long as temperatures continue to increase they will keep going in that direction.  The best pattern right now is anchoring on humps that top out in about 30 feet of water; on long, gently sloping points; and in the back of deep coves.  Perch, bream, and gizzard shad are the best baits. ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Greenwood (SC) Spring 2018 Fishing Report – Updated February 23

-- February 23 Lake Greenwood water levels are at 436.99 (full pool is 440.0), and water temperatures are 59 and higher on Lake Greenwood.  The upper end is very muddy, while the middle to lower lake around the State Park is not bad. State BASS team boater Stan Gunter of Saluda hasn’t been out on Lake Greenwood bass fishing this week, but his friend Marty Robinson has been killing them and passed on this re ...

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AHQ INSIDER Lake Wateree (SC) Spring 2018 Fishing Report – Updated February 23

-- February 23 Lake Wateree is at 96.9% of full pool, and water temperatures vary from about 58-67 degrees.  Up the lake is stained but the lower lake is still pretty normal for Wateree. The bass fishing on Lake Wateree continues to improve, and with FLW fisherman Dearal Rodgers of Camden away fishing the Tour CATT director Brett Collins reports that fish are shallow but they are still being caught mainly o ...

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