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Lake Greenwood (SC) Fishing Report – Updated March 24

-- Veteran tournament bass angler Stan Gunter says that in his opinion there’s only one place worth looking for largemouth bass on Lake Greenwood right now – up shallow around spawning areas!  It’s possible that some big fish remain in deeper water around brush, but just driving around the banks (now that the water has cleared up) you can see a ton of good fish in the shallows.  A few days ago there were st ...

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Lake Greenwood Fishing Report – Updated March 2

-- Last year at this time Lake Greenwood was giving up 27+ pound bags, but that feat was not to be repeated this past Saturday.  Six months of rain and a cold late winter had Lake Greenwood cold and muddy for the tournament Saturday, but in some tough conditions Jerry Kotal (our customary Lake Russell correspondent) and Daryl McClellon still managed an impressive 20.35 pounds for the win.  Considering that ...

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