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Lew's Wally Marshall Troll Tech Rods IM6

Wally Marshall has literally spent years and years refining the actions and backbone found in these rods that are designed specifically for tight line trolling with heavy baits, long lining, pulling crankbaits or simply focusing on giant slabs. The stiffer-than-normal action of these rods also make them a great choice when dipping heavy cover where there's a need to lift fish up and out in a hurry.

Premium IM6 graphite blanks
Lightweight graphite reel seat
Comfortable EVA foam grips
Hard aluminum oxide guides
Ideal for trolling, drifting and spider rigging
Unique rod length label indicator
Spare tips available

2-Piece Casting Rods
WMT10-2 MH M 10' 10-25 1/4-1 12+TIP 49.99
WMT12-2 MH M 12' 10-25 1/4-1 13+TIP 59.99
3-Piece Casting Rods
WMT14-3 MH M 14' 10-25 1/4-1 14+TIP 69.99
WMT16-3 MH M 16' 10-25 1/4-1 15+TIP 79.99

Power:  UL = Ultra-Light  |  L = Light  |  ML = Medium Light  |  M = Medium  |  MH = Medium Heavy  |  H = Heavy  |  XH = Extra Heavy
Action:  XF = Extra Fast Taper  |  F = Fast Taper  |  M = Moderate Taper  |  MF = Moderately Fast Taper

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