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AHQ INSIDER Lake Greenwood (SC) Spring Fishing Report – Updated March 12

  • by Jay

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March 12

Lake Greenwood water levels are at 435.88 (full pool is 440.0), and prior to the snow water temperatures were around 60 degrees and clarity was very good.

Bassfishing on Lake Greenwood jumped from winter to summer patterns very quickly, and up until this cold snap Stan was already finding fish on the beds.  While the calendar said it was very early, considering the February temperatures it makes sense.

Prior to the snow Stan believed that most of the fish were already in shallow water, and he was doing all of his fishing from the bank out to 5 or 6 feet. That’s not to say that there weren’t some bass out deeper, but it seemed as though most of the fish were thinking about the spawn.

The prespawn bass Stan has been targeting have been staging in about 5-6 feet of water, and on a spinnerbait and Chatterbait Stan has been finding some pretty good fish at that depth.  There have also been some bigger females pulling up around docks where you can flip for them.

Fish that are actively spawning or very close have been in main lake pockets, the backs of creeks and other traditional spawning areas.  They have been very willing to eat topwater lures, and throwing a Bang-O-Lure or a floating worm around beds has been productive.

With the cold it’s anyone’s guess how fish will respond, but it seems likely that some fish will back off.  Stan suggests fishing a shakey head worm around rocky points and other staging areas for fish that have not come up.  Of course, once weather stabilizes again the spawn should be in full force.

Stan Gunter shows off a healthy spring largemouth caught recently on Lake Greenwood
Stan Gunter shows off a healthy spring largemouth caught recently on Lake Greenwood

Even though air temperatures have been unseasonably warm, Captain Chris Simpson reports that the baitfish continue to hold in 15-35 feet of water.  This is ideal for the vertical jigging bite, and you can still catch a mixed bag of species and particularly white perch in 20-35 feet of around large schools of baitfish in 20-30 feet.  Striped bass are also in the same areas.

As far as the catfishChris says that they are still pretty scattered, but the majority are around the main river channel or deep flats in 15-30 feet of water.  A few fish were moving shallow before the snow, but this weather should pull those out deeper.  Drifting with cut herring or white perch has been working productive.