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AHQ Report

February 21

Lake Keowee is at 98.8% of full pool. Water temperatures have fallen in the past few days with cold rain and temperatures in the area.  On the south end of the lake, temperatures are around 55.  Mid-lake the temperature is around 60-61, and the northern end is around 57. 

With periodic cold fronts coming in, N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports

February 18

Lake Murray water levels have stabilized at about 357.12 (full pool is 360.00), and surface water temperatures range from about 53 on the lower lake to the upper-40s up the lake. The lake ranges from muddy to stained. 

Despite the muddy conditions this weekend a good number of striped bass were caught up the river on Lake Murray, and Captain Brad Taylor (803-331-1354)

February 18

Santee Cooper water levels are at 76.39 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and 74.73 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). Surface temperatures in the lower lake are around 55 degrees, but with so much inflow the upper lake is running closer to 50. The whole system is muddy, and even though some areas are slightly cleaner it is generally not much.

To say that the Santee Cooper lakes are muddy is really an understatement, and Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports

February 18

Lake Russell water levels are way above full pool at 478.33 (full pool is 475.00) and docks and walkways are under water. Even though the main channel is clearing up with so much water pulled through, Guide Wendell Wilson (706-283-3336) reports

February 17

Inshore surface water temperatures are around 57 degrees, and while clarity is high overall in the Harbor River and Broad River, north of the Broad River Bridge it gets fairly tannic (due to recent rainfall).

Fishing conditions have been a little tricky for redfish, and Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports

February 17

Clarks Hill water levels have shot way up to 333.10 (full pool is 330.00), and even though there are reports that the Corps will soon open the floodgates for now people’s docks and walkways are under water. There just haven’t been a lot of places to send the water without flooding the downstream areas. The backs of all the creeks are extremely muddy, and while the lower end is clearing a bit it looks like more freshwater and therefore mud is coming.  There is a ton of debris floating and surface temperatures range from about 52-53 degrees. 

Unusual water conditions are forcing anglers away from traditional winter patterns, but tournament angler Tyler Matthews of Evans, GA reports

February 17

Inshore surface water temperatures in Charleston are fluctuating a lot but range from about 55-58 degrees, and water clarity varies greatly.   

It remains a pretty tricky bite for redfish in the Charleston area, and Redfin Charters (843-277-5255) reports

February 17

Inshore surface water temperatures around Hilton Head range from about 56-62, and with recent rains and big tides visibility is only fair. 

Conditions continue to be a little tough for sight-fishing, but Captain Dan “Fishin’ Coach” Utley (843-368-2126) reports

February 17

Lake Jocassee is at 98.1 of full pool and water temperatures are about 53 degrees. The lake is very clear in the big water, but dingy up the rivers.  There is a lot of debris floating due to rain and high water levels. 

Trout fishing has been pretty good on Lake Jocassee, and in the Jocassee Outdoors Center tournament about a week ago (in the snow!) Guide Sam Jones (864-280-9056) reports

February 17

Lake Wylie is at 99.6% of full pool, and water temperatures range from about 51-54 degrees.  Pretty much the whole lake is extremely muddy from top to bottom right now.  The lake went from very high with the rains ten days ago to very low when they pulled the water out a week ago, and as it has risen again there are logs, branches and other trash floating everywhere. 

It’s been a strange winter on Lake Wylie, and tournament angler Reid McGinn of Fort Mill reports

February 18

Lake Monticello water temperatures are in the mid-50s. Lake levels normally fluctuate daily.

It’s a pretty straight-forward pattern to catch bass right now on Lake Monticello, and B.A.S.S. angler Andy Wicker of Pomaria reports

February 14

Lake Hartwell water levels are more than three feet above full pool at 663.01 (full pool is 660.00), and water temperatures are around 50-52 degrees.  Much of the lake is very dirty, and all of the creeks and rivers are muddy – including in places that almost never get muddy.  

With very high water levels several boat ramps are closed to access, and there are reports that they will open the flood gates next week to try to drop water levels.  

It’s pretty awful conditions for hybrid and striped bass, and Guide Chip Hamilton (864-304-9011) reports