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Charleston Fishing News and Report

  • by Jay

Back in November we reported that peak fall fishing for a variety of species was lasting longer than usual, and fish like big red drum were staying in the area due to unseasonably warm weather.  Amazingly, the same is still true only a few days before Christmas.   Captain Tucker Blythe of Grey Ghost Charters (843-670-8629) reports that warmer temperatures have overall made for strong fishing, and Haddrell’s Point(843-881-3644) says that the weather has been “a dream come true.”  Redfish and trout that stay in the area all year are feeding hard, and migratory species have still not left.  Bait is everywhere and menhaden can be found off right off the beaches, and so bull redfish that usually have to migrate to find packs of sardines or menhaden offshore can still be caught nearshore, at the jetties and even reportedly in the surf.

A beautiful red caught with Grey Ghost Charters
A beautiful red caught with Grey Ghost Charters

Captain Tucker Blythe reports that the trout bite in particular has been phenomenal, with some of the biggest fish caught around the jetties.  Trout are also feeding well inshore in slightly deeper water from 6-12 feet, and they can be found most everywhere including in the creeks, around shell rakes and around little channels between flats.  Moving water has been best and grubs fished on jigheads and free-lined DOA shrimp have both worked well.

Sheepshead: Very good. Haddrell’s Point reports that sheepshead fishing is on fire.  Fish are around the jetties and other submerged structure in 6-15 feet of water, and they will readily eat live fiddler crabs and live shrimp.

Redfish: Good to very good.  Captain Tucker Blythe reports that redfish are biting in the ocean as well as on the flats, and particularly on cooler days the bite has been very strong.  At lower stages of the tide fish will be out of the grass and sight fishing has been good with Hogy swimbaits.  On colder, sunny days fish will stay out of the grass even on higher tides and anglers can poll the edges of the grass and target fish sunning near the surface along the edges.

Folly Beach Pier (843-762-9516) reports that occasional whiting have been caught but overall action has been slow.

Nearshore and offshore: Captain Tucker Blythe reports that the nearshore wrecks have been full of weakfish, and in 40-50 feet of water the fishing for false albacore has been fantastic.  Haddrell’s Point reports that high-speed trolling for wahoo has been good, with 2-5 fish caught per trip in a morning of trolling.  Bottom fishing has produced great numbers of triggerfish, vermillion snapper, sea bass, some grouper, as well as an assortment of grunts and porgies.

A weakfish caught with Grey Ghost Charters
A fat weakfish caught with Grey Ghost Charters


False albacore are abundant right now