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Dearal Rodgers: 3 Baits You Need to Throw on Lake Wateree in November

  • by Jay

For the first installment of a new series I interviewed tournament bass angler Dearal Rodgers with a simple question – what three baits does he have to have tied on to fish Lake Wateree in November?  Fresh off his fourth place finish in the BFL Regional on Lake Wateree last weekend, I thought people would be interested in Dearal’s answer:

Dearal and his son show off a couple of good tournament fish caught on Lake Wateree
Dearal and his son show off a couple of good tournament fish caught on Lake Wateree

Dearal says that November is a transition month, and particularly in the first part of the month fish are migrating to the backs.  While some people will be targeting them in the grass, he will spend more time fishing cover that is just off the banks.  He also wants to be able to cover water.  With these goals in mind here are the baits he selected.

First, Dearal is going to have a topwater tied on.  A walking bait is a good bet but if he could only have one bait it would be a popper like a Rebel Pop-R.  On Lake Wateree in November his top two color choices are Foxy Shad and Foxy Momma.  Dearal thinks the tail is essential to the bait’s success, and he likes how when you pull the bait across the surface it will close up – but when you stop it will flair out.   Dearal will sometimes dip the tail in chartreuse dye to give it a little bit of bluegill-like flash.

Second, Dearal is going to have a jig tied on.  Jigs are known fish catchers on Lake Wateree all year round, and if he has to choose one bait in November he is going to have a ½ ounce or 5/8 ounce – depending on how fast he wants it to get down – Buckeye Lures Mop jig in green pumpkin color.  It will be paired with a Zoom Big Salty Chunk trailer in Green Pumpkin color.  If water conditions are particularly stained then he might go with a black and blue jig with the same colored trailer.  Dearal notes the he will use Gorilla Glue to glue the trailer to the jig so that he can skip it under docks.

Third, Dearal is going to have a big worm tied on – either a Zoom Ol’ Monster or a Zoom Mag 2.  Lake Wateree has a lot of brush that he will be fishing, and Texas rigging the bait allows him to pull it through the cover without getting hung up.  Dearal’s go-to November worm color on Lake Wateree is Junebug.

After speaking with Dearal I know I want to try some of these baits on Lake Wateree as well as other lakes I fish, and so that they will be available to our readers we are now set up to offer these lures at competitive prices.  If you are interested in buying these baits please buy from us to support the fishing reports on this site.

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