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Grand Strand Fishing News and Report

  • by Jay

The mullet run is on and Perry’s Bait and Tackle (843-651-2895) reports that finger mullets are in the area by the millions.  In the surf, inlets, and creeks there seems to be a continual stream of finger mullet, and oftentimes it seems that it would be harder to cast a net and NOT catch bait than to net them.  As would be expected that means that lots of migratory predator fish are around, including bluefish, Spanish mackerel, sharks, rays and more.  And since the massive schools aren’t confined to the surf it makes sense that Perry’s recently had a 3 ½ pound bluefish weighed in that was caught in the creek.

I get some help lifting corralling a net full of finger mullet
I get some help corralling a net full of finger mullet

Inshore the flounder fishing has been fair, but most of the fish have been undersized.  About a week ago redfish started hitting topwater lures in the inlets and creeks, but trout are not feeding in numbers yet.  The cooler weather should accelerate everything.  Beyond the mullet-feeders a few spot, croaker, pinfish and whiting are being caught in the surf, but the numbers are not as strong as they will be.

Just offshore bull redfish are being caught, and in both the inlets around hard structure as well as at the 3-Mile Reef sheepshead are feeding well.