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Lake Greenwood Fishing News and Report (Updated November 10)

  • by Jay

A couple of weeks ago Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reported that Lake Greenwood was starting to calm down after the flood, and the catfish bite was beginning to improve.  Drifting with herring and gizzard shad was starting to work pretty well, and the fish were feeding most actively in the 10-25 foot range.  Main lake points and humps were the best areas to target, but it was also worth checking feeder creeks which fish would be traveling in and out of at times.

However, a fresh round of inflows have messed up the fishing again, and things are basically back where they were right after the record flooding last month.  The water is high and muddy again, and the flood gates were even open for quite a while again last week.  Chris says that things will improve again once the lake starts to settle down again, but for now fishing is tougher.

Truckloads of big channels will be caught on Chris Simpson's boat again soon
Truckloads of big channels will be caught on Chris Simpson’s boat again soon

Lake Greenwood is at 440.00, defined as full pool, and improvements in bass fishing have also been interrupted by the high muddy, water.

Bass: Fair.  Veteran tournament bass angler Stan Gunter reports that before water levels got so high fishing was starting to get good.  A strong Alabama rig bite was coming on, and anglers were having success throwing the A-rig around brush, boat ramps and docks near the banks.  Fish were grouped up in little spots, and Rattle Trap-type baits were also catching fish in the same areas.  The key was covering water, especially in the 3-6 foot range, and bait was in the creeks.  High, muddy water water conditions are now changing the bite, and probably will slow it down for a bit, but Stan says that since the water is not very cold yet it won’t be as bad as could be.  Bait and fish will probably pull out of the creeks somewhat, and he suggests that anglers look in the backs but move progressively out if the fish aren’t there.  For baits specifics Stan says that Rattle Traps in silver/ chrome colors with some blue on them are a good bet, and Strike King Red Eye Shads in sexy shad or chartreuse sexy shad are also a good bet.  With conditions getting muddier spinnerbaits such as the Terminator in chartreuse and white will also be a good bet.  Stan points out that a few fish can probably still be caught on a buzzbait, too.

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