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Lake Greenwood Fishing News and Report (Updated October 21)

  • by Jay

According to veteran tournament bass angler Stan Gunter fall bass fishing on Lake Greenwood is all about following the bait, and right now schools of bait are making their annual migration into the creeks.  Some fish can still be found in main lake cuts and pockets, but Stan says the best numbers of fish have headed into the creeks where they know the bait is or will soon be.  It’s a transition period and fish are getting shallower, but 3-5 feet of water is probably the best depth range and fish are certainly headed shallower as things cool off.

With the influx of muddy water from the recent rains the water is pretty stained, and some areas are downright muddy.  Catching fish in the muddiest water is tough, but spinnerbaits with a Colorado blade have been working well in stained conditions.  Rattle Traps are also working pretty well and jigs are producing around docks and laydowns.  On the finesse side shakey head worms have been good.  However, Stan says it can be hard to beat a buzzbait in late October and November, and he says that very often at this time of year a buzzbait will flat-out murder the fish.

With fish in a transition period it stands to reason that fishing can be pretty hit-or-miss, and anglers are having good days as well as tougher days.  Some days anglers report trouble locating any fish, but it’s also possible to catch 30 or 40 fish off the right point.  While they are not schooling on the surface fish are schooled up and that can make for feast or famine conditions.



Overall, Lake Greenwood is at 438.99 and it’s a pleasant time to be fishing on the lake.

Catfish: Good.  Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that now that the lake is calming down after the flood the bite is improving.  Drifting with herring and gizzard shad is working pretty well, with most fish in the 10-25 foot range.  Main lake points and humps are the best areas to target right now, and it’s also worth checking feeder creeks. Some days the fish will be traveling in and out of those and at those times they are feeding and readily caught.