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Santee Cooper Conditions and Catfish Update (November 30)

  • by Jay

Captain Jim Glenn (843-825-4239) reports that water temperatures were down to 59 degrees in the mornings this weekend, and the lakes are still very full.  Due to the significant inflow there has been recent spilling at Santee Dam as well as significant discharge from the St. Stephens Dam, and Lake Moultrie now appears to be more stained throughout the lake.

Jim is still finding significant numbers of small catfish in the 1-4 pound range, particularly at mid-depths in the 20s.  However, these fish can be found throughout the water column.  The big ones are also feeding, and pictured below is Jim’s long-time client Maureen (Mo) who fished with her husband Mike.  Mo boated her personal best, a 43-pound blue catfish, drifting cut mullet in 17 feet on Lake Moultrie.  They also caught numerous 2-4 pound blues and channel catfish to go with the big one.

Mo and her big fish
Mo and her big fish

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