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Thursday Night Tournament Trail 5/31 Results

  • by Jay

Thanks to tournament director Erwin Gaston for results and information…

Wow that was a long night, it was Polygraph Night and it gets beyond midnight before we can get the polygraphs completed and the money passed out. Mark Humphries and Josh Warren took 1st place last night with 15.69 lbs. Not only did they win the tournament but they got the opportunity to get wired up. These guys have been on a roll this year. Congratulations to them with the win. Congratulations to Aaron Jordan and James Acker with second. This is their first tournament with us this year and right off the bat they get to take the polygraph test. Everyone that took the polygraph test pass with flying colors. For information about the Thursday Night Tournament Trail and the past and present results, visit our web site at www.lwtt .org. Sponsors of the TNTT are Dicks Sporting Goods, A-1 Adams Bail Bond Agency, Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle, Shakey Head.Com, Jak’s Custom Baits, Koyote Fishing Tackle, Tru South Lures and The Great Outdoors.

Thursday Night Tournament Trail
Weight Big Fish
1 Josh Warren / Mark Humphries 15.69 4.36
2 Aaron Jordon / James Acker 14.40 4.78
3 Mike McDuffee / Cayce West 14.08 3.56
4 Gene Webster 13.75 2.77
5 Jay Adams / Bobby Carol 13.10 2.93
6 Mike Stevens 12.62 3.22
7 Nathan Williams / John Eisenhour 11.33 2.95
8 Ron Farrow / Paul Farrow 11.07 2.90
9 Mike Stone / Derek Lilly 11.02 4.73
10 Wes May / Matt Queen 9.98 2.28
11 Chad Schroder / Austin Schroder 9.31 2.58
12 Rob Johnson / Matt Johnson 9.25 2.66
13 Todd Sosbee / Isacc Sosbee 6.73
14 Lynn Davis / Girth Mills 4.46
15 Jim Davis / Dean Davis
16 Todd Garner / Shane Hartman
17 Danny Wieland
18 Conrad Pogorzelski
19 David Winters
20 Rick Carson / Mike Carson
21 Brandon Chandler / Matt Duckett
22 Gray Bennett
23 Todd Shackelford / Kenneth Randall
24 Todd Low
25 Greg Williams / Brian Williams
26 Steve Hilderbran / Donnie Cooper
27 Robbie Smith / Brian Setzer
28 Pat McNutty / Andy Beechly
29 Newy Kepersuth
30 Josh Featherstone / Bobby Spivey
31 Justin Switzer / Clint Walker
32 David Falls
33 Gordon Smith / Mike Smith
Big Fish Aaron Jordan / James Acker 4.78



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