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Thursday Night Tournament Trail 7/26 Results

  • by Jay

Thanks to tournament director Erwin Gaston for results and information.

We had another good turn out Thursday night but the weights are still off. Congratulations to the teams of Conrad Pogorzelski  / Billy Wolf and Phillip Burke / Bobby Rice. Both teams tied for first but Conrad Pogorzelski and Billy Wolf had the tie breaking big fish that gave them the win. For information about the Thursday Night Tournament Trail and the past and present results, visit our web site at

Sponsors of the TNTT are Dicks Sporting Goods, A-1 Adams Bail Bond Agency, Lake Wylie Bait and Tackle, ShakeyHead.Com, Jak’s Custom Baits, Koyote Fishing Tackle, Tru South Lures and The Great Outdoors.

Thursday Night Tournament Trail
Weight Big Fish
1 Conrad Pogorzelski/Billy Wolf 10.48 4.66
2 Phillip Burke/Bobby Rice 10.48
3 Gene Webster 10.37
4 Andy Beechly/Pat Mcnulty 10.33
5 Rob/Matt Johnson 10.25
6 Jeremy Cabe/Ron Farrow 10.25
7 Mike Carver/Derek Lilly 9.95
8 Steve Addington/Bucky Helms 9.58
9 Willy Nichols/Wes Mays 9.46
10 David Winters/Dean Inkelaar 9.2
11 Glenn/Steven Sparrow 9.15
12 Matt Stout 8.87
13 Mike McDuffee/J.J. Jenkins 8.63
14 Mike Perry 7.92
15 Brook Anderson/Chris Merideth 7.19
16 Gerald /Gerald Ramsey 7.15
17 Ben Ruble/Walt Brisik 7.07
18 Derek Nicely/Nick Geers 6.73
19 Mark Leech/Anthony Leech 5.14
20 Jason Amato/Dave Spivey 4.97
21 Gerald Briggs/Charles Bridges 3.59
22 Todd Garner/Matt Queen
23 Hunter Hicks/David Mitchell
24 Gray Bennett
25 David Clanton/Danny Weiland
26 Robin Cairico/Mike Buschue
27 Matt Haywood/Donny Cooper
28 Erik Brink/Tim Sabella
29 Dale Surrett
30 Gordon Smith/Jarod Kimak
31 Gene Sparks/Ted Mobley
32 Brian/Shannon Stowe
33 Artie Phillips/Mike Kirkley
34 Anthony Lukes/Brian Morgan
35 Brandon Hunsucker/Brian McCrary
36 Todd/Isiac Sossbee
37 Brandon Chandler/Shawn Wallace
Big Fish Conrad Pogorzelski/Billy Wolf 4.66