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Molix Custom Sculpo Crankbaits

The name “Sculpo” will evoke great interest to lovers of crank baits with a lure that over the years has found a space inside the tackle boxes of many european fishermen.
The new, “USA Special Edition” of the Sculpo DR Rattlin will include six new colors that are extremely vibrant and strikingdue to the new production processes. The lure has a special coating that protects the lure like a shield, along with the new and realistic colors of the shell in ABS, that are also on the lip. It is important to point out that they are priced slightly below 10 euros. This is due to the size of the American market which will contribute substantially to the reduction of the retail price.The Sculpo DR is a floating crankbait of 5.5 cm long, that weighs 14 grams. The special “low profile” shape characterizes the bait, giving it a wide wobbling action, thats is obtained through an accurate distribution and arrangement of the internal weight system. The square lip gives the “Sculpo” an anti-stranding power that allows you to use it even in thickest spots. A High density polycarbonate lip composition makes it particularly resistant and durable also on rocky bottoms. The Sculpo DR is a medium depth crank and works smoothly between the 8ft (two meters) and the 10ft (two and a half meter) depths. The new colors for the USA Special Edition are noted for their attention to detail and the high realism, such as,for example, the colors of Sunfish or Blue Gill and “Craw”.

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