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Sea Striker Flounder Rig (with Red Float)

Made with 40 lb. mono, a #42-2 Eagle Claw® hook , 2" fluorescent red or yellow floats and a 1 oz. sinker. Also available in a white bucktail. Made in USA. Individually packed.

Flounder are aggressive feeders, ambushing smaller fish and shrimp from concealment, on the bottom.  They seldom forage to find food, preferring to take advantage of their natural camouflage and exploit opportunities that come to them.  Thus, it is important to keep your bait moving.  This can be accomplished through drifting with the wind or current, trolling, or casting and retrieving.  

Any type of live of dead bait fish or shrimp can be used with this rig,  Also, strips cut from larger fish or squid are often effective.  White belly strips are almost always productive.  

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