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Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader

Our Thinnest Leader For Stealthier Presentations*


Not only are thinner leaders even less visible underwater, but you also get the advantage of more natural presentations and better catch-rates on finicky fish. Made with our exclusive double-structure process, we combine two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a leader with smaller diameters yet with exceptional knot and tensile strength. It’s softer too and cinches easily for fail-safe knots.


• -18% Thinner Diameter**
• + 17% Better Knot/Tensile Strength**
• Extremely soft and supple and cinches easily for fail-safe knots
• Lowest Line Memory** making line management more user friendly.

* Compared to leading competitive fluorocarbon line
** Compared to other Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leaders


• 100% Fluorocarbon Leader
• DSF - Double Structure Fluoro
• Level Wind Technology
NewDiameters: .104 mm/.004 in. - .260 mm/.010 in.
• LB Test: 15 LB. - 40 LB.
• Diameters: .285 mm/.011 in. - .520 mm/.020 in.
• Spool Length: 25 Yards

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