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Bass Mafia Daingerous Unrigged Swimbait 2pk

Painstakingly designed and tested by Elite Series Angler Chris Zaldain, the Bass Mafia Daingerous Unrigged Swimbait was crafted to wreak havoc on bass patrolling open water. The Daingerous Swimbait leans on its incredibly lifelike profile and characteristics such as molded gill rakers, mandibles, and fins that combine to draw rod-jarring strikes from scale-busting bass. Backing up the anatomically accurate body is hard-hitting action that is produced by the oversized boot tail design.

Offering anglers powerful versatility, the Bass Mafia Daingerous Unrigged Swimbait is perfect for freestyle rigging techniques using weighted or unweighted hooks to target trophy-class fish in nearly any depth of the water column. The Daingerous Swimbait also employs a split dorsal fin that enables the addition of a stinger hook to optimize hook-up ratios and capitalize on short strikes. Wrapped in brilliant hand-painted color schemes, the Bass Mafia Daingerous Unrigged Swimbait submarines into your favorite fishery with the peerless action and devastatingly good looks that drive big bass wild.

5 Colors Available

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