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Bizz Baits Sassy Stick

This stick bait is unlike any other on the market. The endless hours spent to find the right plastic and recipe has now paid off. This stick bait is better than any other that has come before.

Don’t believe us? Try some for yourself and compare. A tank demonstration works best and the Sassy Stick will go head to head with any stick to show them who’s best.

Between softness, rate of fall and jam packed with salt makes this stick unique. Fish it weightless, wacky, texas or any way you would like. The wiggle this bait has, will blow you away. So tie it on and give it a go, because no matter the bass, this bait takes no sass.

As always made with our signature plastic that is salt impregnated and scented with our signature “Jack’em Juice”!


5.5″ (8 per bag)

4.0″ (10 per bag)


BEST RIGGED: Texas Rigged, Weightless, Wacky Rigged, Carolina Rigged, or Drop Shot

17 Colors Available

Select desired quantities of each and then click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page.