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Bubba-Baits Zig Zag Spoons

How Bubba-Baits Zig Zag Jigging Spoon is different:
We take great pride in giving our customers a superior product. The finish on our spoons is the best. Our spoons will look as good after several trips fishing as they did the day you first started. Our spoons take the punishment. Our spoons are Powder Coated, not painted. The three-coat finish on our spoons encapsulates the decal so it will not come off. All of our spoons are coated with UV-Blast. UV-Blast coating reflects UV light. Fish find baits that reflect UV light faster than those without.
If you’re tired of the paint chipping or the decals falling off your spoon, or you would like to just catch more fish, then switch to “The Better Jigging Spoon”

14 Colors Available

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