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Berkley Warpig Jr. Lipless Crankbait

Delivering the same attention-grabbing action as its predecessor, the Berkley Warpig Jr. Lipless Crankbaits now swim out of the packaging with an irresistibly downsized profile that is ideal for targeting pressured fish. The Warpig Jr. offers anglers maximum versatility by providing a lure that can target the entire water column, from burning just below the surface to slowly hopping along the bottom. Engineered with a blunt nose that is designed to expertly deflect off hard cover, the Warpig Jr. will elicit crushing reaction strikes as it bounces off structure and barrels through vegetation.

Backing up their big action, the compact Berkley Warpig Jr. Lipless Crankbaits also get mandibles moving with impressive detailing and colorways. The finesse profile is enhanced with 3D scaling, molded gill rakers, and 3D holographic eyes that all come together to tempt even the most lock-jawed predators in your lake. Additionally, the Warpig Jr.’s are available in a range of proven colorways to match most forage and excel in a variety of water conditions. Finished up with razor-sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Warpig Jr. Lipless Crankbaits are built to bring fish to the boat when nothing else will!

Length Weight
2" 1/4oz


11 Colors Available

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