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Greenfish Bad Little Shad Swimbait Head (3 pk)


Designed by the team at Greenfish in conjunction with Elite Series Angler Bryan New, the Greenfish Bryan New Bad Little Shad is engineered to enhance your swimbait’s presentation. The Bad Little Shad is an ideal pairing with the wildly popular Damiki Rig in which anglers suspend a swimbait in the water column to more effectively target those finicky suspended bass. The precisely engineered compact head and 90-degree line tie work in tandem to create a naturally horizontal presentation for your preferred soft plastic. The head also is the canvas for its brilliant paint schemes that match a variety of common baitfish, as well as their holographic eyes that add a layer of realism and strike point for the predators in your favorite fishery. Positioned behind the head is a three-collar keeper system that securely pins your soft swimmer in place to not only enhance its action but extend its life as well. Armed with a razor-sharp hook that resists bending out when a big one is on the line, the Greenfish Bryan New Bad Little Shad delivers big performance in a compact package.

3 Colors Available

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