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Hydro Glow LED Fishing Lights

*These ship directly from the manufacturer, so shipping times may vary.

Twice the output of previous models. Same price. Hydro Glow® LED Fishing Lights boast marine-grade construction so you can deploy them right off the side of the boat. High-output LEDs provide unbeatable fishing lighting so you can step up your night angling or get into the hobby the right way. Includes 20' cord with alligator clips for quick 12V power connection.Made in USA.

Model Descriptions:

 MODEL  Length  LEDs Price  Color
HG125   6"  5w, LED $39.95    Green
HG250 12"  21w, 162 LED $79.95 Green
HG500  24"  42w,  LED $129.95 Green
HG1000G 48" 84w, 648 LED's $189.95 Green
HG1000B 48" 84w, 648 LED's $189.95 Blue


The HG250 is 12 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat. It features 162 high out LEDs, 20’ cord, less than one amp draw and virtually unbreakable. This model is perfect for shallow water fishing, smaller boats and even great for use on kayaks. It’s small size makes it easy to store away and transport. The HG250 is perfect speckled trout, reds, crappie, ice fishing and shrimping.

The HG500 is our most versatile model. It is 24 inches long and made to be deployed right off the side of the boat. It features 324 high output LEDs, one amp draw and virtually unbreakable. The HG500 is suited for mid-sized boats and water depth in the 5 to 20 foot deep range. It is designed for both freshwater and saltwater applications. The HG500 is perfect for crappie, stripers, hybrids, walleye, perch, sea trout, snook and snappers.

The HG1000 underwater fishing light is made of deep water fishing. It is 48 inches long and designed to be deployed right off the side of the boat. When it submerges to the desired depth simply tie or clamp the cord to a rail or cleat. The HG1000 features 648, high-output, green LEDs, 20’ cord, two amp draw and is virtually unbreakable. The H1000 underwater fishing light is perfect for deep ocean and deep lake fishing. It is commonly used for catching swordfish, tuna, squid, snapper, grouper and many species of bait. It is also a favorite for deep water freshwater fishing for striped bass, walleye, crappie and lake trout.


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