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Jackall 007R Riser Bait


The only top-secret gadget you'll need this bass season is the Jackall 007R Riser Bait. The Riser Bait's long body allows you to make long distance casts every time. Featuring a precisely angled upward metal lip, this riser bait climbs to the surface creating a shaken (not stirred) topwater action. It will mimic an injured baitfish as it skips along the surface, provoking massive strikes. For longer casts and unmatched action, the name is Riser Bait... The Jackall 007R Riser Bait.

  • Model: JRIS007
  • Type: Sinking
  • Weight: 3/10 oz.
  • Angled upward metal lip
  • Make long distance casts and let the lure rise up to the surface
  • Erratic topwater action
  • Two super sharp Japanese treble hooks
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

6 Colors Available

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