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Mr Crappie Maribou Sausage Spin

Strike King’s Mr. Crappie Maribou Sausage Spin is a crappie jig featuring a silver 3/4-inch hammered willow leaf blade that spins when retrieved or jigged vertically. The jig head is pre-rigged with a Marabou Jig with a tail that fans out and pulsates in a life-like manner as the lure moves through the water. Built with distinct, eye-popping colors and explosive designs that entice fish and attract more strikes.


  • The Strike King Mr. Crappie Maribou Sausage Spin features a 3/4-inch hammered willow leaf blade that glimmers and creates commotion when retrieved, attracting fish and causing reaction strikes.
  • The pre-rigged Sausage Spin is ready-to-fish from the package with an enticing maribou crappie jig featuring a thin body and oversized hair tail that pulsates and “swims” as it is retrieved.
  • The Head of the Strike King Maribou Sausage Spin features an exclusive design to deflect off brush when retrieved through heavy cover. This allows the bait to move through grass, around standing timber and under docks while minimizing snags.
  • The #2 black nickel hook of the Strike King Maribou Sausage Spin features the powerful, effective Quick-Stick hook keeper to ensure plastic baits stay firmly attached while casting or fighting fish.
  • The Marabou jig on the Strike King Mr. Crappie Sausage Head Spin is an ideal crappie jig for swimming beneath docks or around bridge columns and excels on deep ledges and brush piles. It is also exceptional for casting around cover and swimming through grass.
  • Strike King offers the 2-count pre-rigged Mr. Crappie Sausage Head Spin in 1/16-ounce and 1/8-ounce and in 14 vibrant, fish-attracting colors.

14 Colors Available

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