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Norman Deep Little N Crankbait

Recognized by crankbait enthusiasts and tournament anglers as an outright performer, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait dives down quickly and hits that 9-12 foot sweet spot with a signature action that is undeniably effective. Built with a precisely angled round bill, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait delivers a distinct, medium-wide wobble that calls to big bass and triggers bites with outstanding deflective properties.

Ensuring that anglers have the most effective color in every situation, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait is offered in a comprehensive lineup of detailed, high-quality color schemes. Armed with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Norman Deep Little N Crankbait generates true tournament-winning performance that has been proven effective at the highest levels of professional angling.

Norman Length Weight  Depth Class Hook Size
Deep Little N 2.5" 3/8oz 9-12ft Floating #4

14 Colors Available

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