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Rapala PXR Mavrik 110 Jerkbait

The Rapala® Precision Xtreme Mavrik provides premium jerkbait features, starting with a long-cast system which provides accurate, ultra-long casts to maximize time in the strike zone. Suspending, head-down posture mimics an injured baitfish. Hard-cutting, semi-erratic action makes the Mavrik a versatile jerkbait for any condition.

Fish it slow, with short twitches to walk the bait side-to-side or give it a quick snap to get the bait to turn nearly 180 degrees. Armed with premium VMC RedLine Series treble hooks to make this a complete fish-catching jerkbait.

Rapala Length Weight Depth Class Hook Size
PXR Mavrik 110 Jerkbait 4-3/8" 1/2oz 5-6ft Suspending #5

6 Colors Available

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