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Strike King Chick Magnet

A long held secret design of MLF pro angler Andy Morgan, the Strike King Chick Magnet Flat Sided Crankbaits follow a perfected formula that will help you find more bites in challenging conditions. Inspired by the early flat sided crankbait designs from the Tennessee and Carolina regions, the Chick Magnet features a tried-and-true thin, flat sided body made from modernized materials and components. The thin profile along with a circuit board lip impart a tighter wiggle and an exceptionally lifelike action to the lure. The circuit board lip material is super thin and highly durable, allowing the bait to quickly cut its way down to its target depth and bang around off of obstacles along the bottom. Ideal for targeting the three to six foot depth range, the Chick magnet will excel in tougher fishing scenarios like when the water temperature is low and when the fishing pressure is high.

13 Colors Available

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