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Strike King Hybrid Hunter

Shallow Hybrid Hunter 3.5" 1/2oz 1-3ft


Just like its deeper diving brother, the Shallow Hybrid Hunter is a proven, fish-catching bait. With a distinctive L-shaped bill design, it excels around vegetation, and dives down to 1-3 feet. The Hybrid Hunter’s key feature is its versatility. It can be fished like a traditional crankbait, jerkbait, topwater wake bait, on-and-on the list goes. This lure has a distinctive wobble, a rattle chamber that emits a powerful fish-attracting sound, and an added buoyancy that allows it to rise faster out of submerged vegetation. Bass beware, the Shallow Hybrid Hunter is coming!


Strike King Length Weight Depth
Hybrid Hunter Jr. 3" 1/2oz 2-4ft
Hybrid Hunter 3-1/2" 5/6oz 3-5ft
  • Reflective 3-D eyes
  • L-shaped bill
  • Chip-resistant finishes
  • Dives 3-5'
  • 1oz
  • Incredibly loud rattle system

22 Colors Available

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