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Striper Delight Topwater Popper

Did you know that stripers are the state fish of South Carolina? We are also the first state to landlock ocean stripers when the Santee Cooper dam was built in 1939! They swim our entire coast, and are in all of our rivers & lakes from one end of the state to the other. We know our stripers & hybrids, and how to catch them! Striper Delights have been a staple to southeastern striper fishing since1970. Hybrid stripers are being introduced into lakes all across the country. For those who don't know about this lure, now is your chance to get the real "secret weapon"! Bottom line is, these lures work! Striper Delights have been handmade the same way for 45 years in South Carolina. Made with only the best materials including hardwood floating bodies, stainless steel fasteners and renowned VMC saltwater extra strong hooks. They are not spray painted, but hand dipped in primer, then in paint for thicker coverage. Extra glitter gives them the most flash of any other lure. They will blind you on a sunny day! Even in the murkiest & darkest water, fish see them from a farther distance. The deep popper sound along with rattling hardware call out to the fish. Combined with the intense flash of the glitter and bright colors make it irresistible to all large game fish in fresh and saltwater. Redfish, Bluefish, Muskie, Tarpon, Blackfin Tuna, Northern Pike, and every type of Bass including Peacock Bass, are just a few species that have been caught on Striper Delights. They've been praised on fishing shows, write-ups in newspapers and magazines, also recommended in fishing reports by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Many fishing guides and countless fishermen swear by them. 

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