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Z-Man Kicker CrabZ

The winner of ICAST 2022’s coveted Best in Category Award for Saltwater Soft Lures, this first-of-its-kind 3.5" sideways-swimming crab imitation sports a kicker claw that thumps on even slow retrieves and floats off up in a naturally-defensive posture at rest, triggering aggressive strikes from redfish and other inshore species.

About this product

A first of its kind crab imitation, the Kicker CrabZ™ accurately imitates a sideways swimming crab--the exact action that's hotly pursued by redfish and other inshore predators. Its buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® material mimics the natural defensive upward claw posture of crustaceans, all while outlasting other soft plastic baits by wide margins. The Kicker CrabZ’ realistic profile sports a lifelike kicker claw, segmented legs, eyes and antennae. The angler-friendly design yields easy rigging thanks to its dorsal hook slot, and its streamlined shape and sideways profile maximizes casting distance over other crab imitations, that tent to helicopter. The Kicker CrabZ' keeled belly enhances retrieve stability, and its expertly designed kicker claw produces movement and vibration at all retrieve speeds, including on the fall. The Kicker CrabZ™ pairs perfectly with Texas Eye™ Pro BulletZ™, SnakelockZ and ChinlockZ™ jigheads for a perfect weedless presentation and is available in ten striking inshore-centric colors available.

10 Colors Available

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