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AHQ Report - Georgetown

June 17

Inshore surface water temperatures around Georgetown have dropped to about 77 degrees from 82 last week, and with all the recent rains Winyah Bay is very brown again. North Inlet is cleaner because of the water coming in and out from the ocean but still a little murky.  

There was a flash of summer normalcy last week, and Captain Fred Rourk (843-241-4767) reports

May 29

Inshore water temperatures around Georgetown are in the low to mid-70s, while ocean temperatures may be a few degrees higher. Everything is already muddy with way more freshwater on the way.   

Weather and water conditions around Georgetown continue to be consistently inconsistent, and the effects of a pair of tropical storms and 5 inches of rain have now been added to winds that switch 180 degrees every three days. With five rivers that have their confluence near Georgetown the area is far more affected by freshwater than areas such as Port Royal to the south, and the net result is that Captain Fred Rourk (843-241-4767) must continue to report

May 14

Inshore water temperatures around Georgetown are about 74 degrees inside, while ocean temperatures are around 74. Winyah Bay is muddy as always while North Inlet is a milky green. 

Water temperatures are several degrees behind where they were last year, and Captain Fred Rourk (843-241-4767) continues to report

April 30

Inshore water temperatures around Georgetown are about 70 degrees. 

There are fish to be caught inshore in the Georgetown area, but Captain Fred Rourk (843-241-4767) reports