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AHQ Report

June 26

Santee Cooper water levels are at 75.90 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and 75.48 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). Water temperatures range from about the mid-70s to low 80s because of all the cool freshwater coming into the lakes, and overall clarity is good. 

Even though water temperatures are relatively mild on the Santee lakes, Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports

June 26

Clarks Hill water levels are back above full pool at 330.08 (full pool is 330.00), and morning surface temperatures in the main lake are up to 80-81 degrees. While there is some debris floating from the rain yesterday it is not a significant, and the water is still very clear. 

On the bass front, there are a couple of different ways to target fish. The first is to fish the shallows, and tournament angler Josh Rockefeller of Augusta

June 26

Lake Murray water levels are at 357.78 (full pool is 360.00). Clarity has normalized and morning surface water temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. 

Lake Murray striped bass are getting into a pretty typical summer pattern, and Captain Brad Taylor (803-331-1354) reports

June 26

Lake Keowee is down to 98.1% of full pool and water temperatures are mostly in the low 80s throughout the lake, except in the area near the Jocassee dam where they remain in the 70s. Clarity is normal. 

It’s a time of year when things are usually pretty stable on Lake Keowee, and N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports

June 25

Inshore surface water temperatures in Charleston are in the low 80s, while the water at Folly Beach is an unseasonably cool 76. Shrimp have been hard to find, perhaps because of all the freshwater.

Inshore fishing can be a little tough in the summer heat, but Captain Rob Bennett (843-367-3777) reports

June 25

Lake Hartwell water levels are back up to 661.04 (full pool is 660.00), and morning surface temperatures are about 82 degrees. Clarity is very good. 

The hybrid and striped bass fishing has gotten a little more consistent on Lake Hartwell, but Guide Chip Hamilton (864-304-9011) reports

June 19

Lake Keowee is at 98.5% of full pool. With the cold front this week water temperatures have remained in the high 70s to mid-80s over most of the lake.  The coolest water is in the very north end of the lake.  Clarity is normal. 

Despite the cold front water temperatures did not drop too much this week, and N&C Marine/Skeeter Team member Guide Charles Townson (864-324-2065) reports

June 18

Lake Jocassee is at 97.4% of full pool, and water temperatures at the dam had gotten to the upper 70s but have now dropped back to 70-72. Water clarity is normal. 

The trout bite is still good on Lake Jocassee, and Guide Sam Jones (864-280-9056) reports

June 18

Inshore surface water temperatures have dropped all the way to 73 after several cool days in Beaufort, and water clarity varies. In areas where the water is dirty it is muddy because of wind and the water is not tannic. There are lots of tiny shrimp in the creeks. 

Water temperatures are moving the wrong direction, but Bay Street Outfitters (843-524-5250) reports

June 18

Lake Monticello water temperatures are in the low 80s, and even with recent rains water clarity remains fairly normal.

The bass are doing what they are supposed to do on Lake Monticello in June, and B.A.S.S. angler Andy Wicker of Pomaria reports

June 17

Inshore surface water temperatures in the morning around Edisto Island are about 82 degrees and there is decent water clarity. The water is browner in the South Edisto because of all the rainfall coming down the river, while the North Edisto, a closed tidal system, is clearer. 

The fish are in a reliable summer pattern around Edisto Island, and Captain Ron Davis, Jr. (843-513-0143) reports

June 17

Inshore surface water temperatures around Georgetown have dropped to about 77 degrees from 82 last week, and with all the recent rains Winyah Bay is very brown again. North Inlet is cleaner because of the water coming in and out from the ocean but still a little murky.  

There was a flash of summer normalcy last week, and Captain Fred Rourk (843-241-4767) reports